Intel Workplace Sales Academy

Intel $200m Yearly Increase in Sales

Workplace Sales Academy

The aim of the Workplace Sales Academy

Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group in the US operated through a team of business development managers, multiple partner organizations, and almost 3,000 partner sellers. In a highly competitive market, many of the sales teams had become immersed in a price-driven sales process. The aim of the sales program was to embed a common customer-centric sales process across the sales organization to protect margins and grow revenues by selling on value rather than price.

The Solution

A comprehensive tailored program based on Imparta’s Creating Client Value (CCV) methodology was developed for Intel’s Sales Organization. The program was tailored to Intel’s language and market context, as well as to the different sales roles, from strategic customer management to the online sales centers. Intel-specific online simulations were developed, along with tailored role-plays and case studies.

The core CCV program was taught to over 2,500 salespeople. The methodology was also introduced to Intel’s marketing teams, product teams, technical sales roles, and even the recruitment team to ensure a common methodology, understanding, and sense of purpose.

A key success factor was the involvement and participation of the senior management team in the design, delivery, and embedding of the program. Managers were coached in the methodology and coaching skills, and leaders communicated its importance and embraced the need to change. Additional sales skills programs on strategic account management, commercial acumen, and negotiation were also introduced. Each of these programs was closely aligned to the core CCV methodology.

We are talking more broadly across each and every enterprise with multiple sets of decision makers, and what CCV has really done is to illuminate how you have those different conversations, how you focus on the key pain points for each of these constituents in the decision-making cycle and how to tune your value proposition to each of the individuals in that cycle.

Manager, Americas Marketing Group

The Results


Market share up.


Yearly increase in sales.


Upside over 2.5 years.

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