Learners as Customers

How Modern Sales Approaches Can Help You Drive Value From Learning Tech

When technology-based learning fails to deliver results, it’s usually because the human aspects of change have been neglected. Modern sales methodologies focus on leading customers through a journey, from becoming aware of a need, choosing the right solution, worrying what might go wrong, committing, adapting and renewing, and expanding their usage. This same customer-centric approach can be applied to create value for learners while embedding new skills and behaviors through the latest learning technology. Richard Barkey, a leading expert in sales and learning, will provide a range of practical tips and shed light on the three dimensions that are fundamental to both selling and user-focused change programs.

You will gain an understanding of:

  • How L&D can add a lean change wrapper to learning tech to drive results
  • Why Insight, Influence, and Trust are fundamental to the use of learning technology, and
  • A number of specific skills you can use to achieve your learning goals.

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