Imparta joins Showpad Partner Ecosystem

May 2024 | News

Imparta is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Showpad, a global leader in sales enablement technology. Showpad is an all-in-one solution where marketing and revenue teams come together to empower sellers with content and training to engage buyers and add meaningful value during every interaction.

Richard Barkey, CEO of Imparta, the global leader in performance improvement for customer-facing teams, explained, “We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Showpad. This tie-up between two sector leaders gives clients who have invested in Showpad the option to deploy our proprietary i-Coach LMS/LXP or integrate our sales training methodologies, modular skills library and assessments into Showpad. With Imparta and Showpad becoming part of each other’s ecosystems, we give our clients flexibility in how their salespeople access our award-winning sales training in the flow of their day-to-day work and, in so doing, significantly improve their sales performance and capabilities.”

Catherine Cantwell, VP, Professional Services & Partnerships at Showpad, added, “We at Showpad are thrilled to join forces with Imparta, a renowned leader in customer-facing team performance improvement. This partnership represents a significant milestone in our journey to reshape the sales enablement landscape. Our combined strengths uniquely position us to empower sales teams with not just superior tools, but also the transformative training and resources sellers need to cut through the noise in today’s competitive market. We look forward to seeing the powerful impact this collaboration will have on our customers, enabling them to drive higher sales performance and growth.”

Visit Imparta’s ShowPad ecosystem page or contact us to learn more.

About Showpad

Showpad unites marketing and sales teams to unlock the full potential of every seller. Marketing teams can ensure the content they create gets into the hands of the right seller at the right time. Sellers get training on how to best use this content, and access to engaging ways to share it with buyers, whether that’s in-person or digitally. And everything is measured—from seller usage to buyer engagement—tying metrics like content views and completed courses to business outcomes like win rates. It’s all part of Showpad’s Enablement Operating System® (eOS) that can be fully customized and integrated into any business, and supported by a global team of Showpad experts, each invested in their customers’ success.

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