Imparta acquires VantagePoint Performance

September 2023 | Press Release

The Capability Group, owner of Imparta Inc. and Imparta Ltd., and a global leader in performance improvement for customer-facing teams, has announced the successful acquisition of the business of VantagePoint Performance, a US-based sales training organization.

Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO of Imparta, said, “Imparta has always been at the forefront of researched methodologies for sales and sales management, and the use of change tools and technology to deliver sustainable improvement. As well as investing in our own solutions, we actively seek out businesses that align with our mission. In 2022, Imparta acquired the assets of White Springs to allow us to embed tools and learning natively into CRMs, and in 2023, I am delighted to celebrate the acquisition of VantagePoint Performance (VPP).

VantagePoint, led by Dr. Michelle Vazzana, builds critical skills in managerial and situational sales agility. Their unique research equips salespeople to assess complex buying situations and choose the right strategy and tactics for each unique situation. It is the perfect complement to Imparta’s 3D Advantage® sales methodology, which helps salespeople outperform their competitors through robust skills that deliver Insight, Influence, and Trust at every stage of the customer Buying Cycle.

Imparta will integrate VPP’s content into our definitive, modular sales curriculum, to which our Training as a Service (TaaS) clients have full access. We will offer VPP’s clients an extended solution and a proven approach to continuous improvement in sales performance on a global scale. VPP will, in turn, help to strengthen Imparta’s presence in the US and to contribute to our exceptional record of growth. I am delighted to welcome Michelle and the VantagePoint team to Imparta.”

Michelle Vazzana, VantagePoint Performance’s Chief Strategy Officer, said: “VantagePoint is honored to become part of the international powerhouse Imparta. The synergies in this acquisition are direct and powerful, and our combined thought leadership and solutions cement us as a leader in this important industry. Both companies are innovative, research-based, and highly focused on results. Imparta’s acquisition allows VantagePoint to leverage our game-changing solutions for decision-making and agility in scalable, global, and practical ways that were not previously possible. Our combined research is powerful, recent, and complementary, and allows us to provide the most powerful and practical sales enablement and training solution in the market.”

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