Sales Negotiations FAST Framework

Master the art of responding to demands for a concession in a sales negotiation

When asked for a concession in a sales negotiation, think fast (act cool).

When a customer asks you for a concession, the way you respond is central to the whole negotiation.

The FAST framework, developed by Imparta founder Richard Barkey, is a powerful way to respond to any kind of customer demand for a concession.

It’s worth noting that FAST implies that you should think fast, not that you should act that way! In fact, responding slowly to a demand for a concession is usually a good idea.

When you are asked for a concession, on price, or any other aspect of the deal, you should:

  1. FRAME your original offer as valid, then pause
  2. ADVANCE options
  3. SIGNAL your BATNA
  4. TRACK gives and gets

Download the Fast Framework for full details, and master the art of responding to demands for a concession.

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