Imparta is a global leader in the provision of Sales and Service training.

We focus on Sales, Sales through Service and Service training, because these customer-facing parts of your organization play a huge role in the value created for your customers and your shareholders.

We work across all industries and with a wide range of companies. These companies range from those making high-value, complex B2B sales through to those making thousands of direct-to-consumer transactions each day. Our Sales and Service methodologies and content, researched and refined over many years, are more rigorous, practical and effective than anything else you’ll find. We’re flexible enough to design training that fits exactly to your needs.

We’ve developed state-of-the-art digital learning technologies so you have a complete range of delivery options, including traditional classroom-based training, blended learning programs – and even entirely digital “Virtual Academy” solutions. We support your Sales and Service teams from induction training through to the development of your leaders.

Our B2B Marketing programs align the Sales and Marketing functions and further power customer acquisition and revenue growth strategies.

We also know that good training is not enough. Our Capability Building® System ensures that any training or cultural change sticks. We put as much emphasis on what happens after the training as on the training itself, and work with you to create a lasting and measurable impact on performance.

Imparta is global in scope and frequently acknowledged in top supplier lists and training industry awards – we are the expert’s expert. We pride ourselves on the collaborative nature and longevity of our client relationships. Our clients include many of the world’s leading sales organizations, including Intel, Cisco, Telefónica, Canon, Lonza and the WPP group.