Virtual Selling in the Context of Covid-19

Virtual Selling in the Context of Covid-19

Help your salespeople to connect with their customer’s new reality

The Covid-19 pandemic is presenting B2B salespeople with new challenges, as well as intensifying existing ones.

We have created a Virtual Selling, virtual half-day course designed to give B2B salespeople the key skills they need to defend revenue through the pandemic.



The 3D Advantage®. This 20-minute eLearning module will give your
salespeople a grounding in Imparta’s 3D Advantage, and an appreciation of how Insight, Influence and Trust drive success, especially at a time of crisis.

The 3D Mindset

This module builds an awareness of the three elements of a successful mindset for sales: Rigour, Resilience and Responsibility, and offers
techniques to help in each area.

Lead Generation

You can’t stop filling your
pipeline during a crisis, but customers are even less likely to respond to an unfocused approach. This module covers:
• Targeting your lead generation activity (new business and account growth)
• Building online presence
• Finding, approaching and connecting with receptive buyers
• The power of referrals
• Selling the discussion

Establishing Opportunities

It’s critical to turn initial discussions into explicit opportunities, by exploring customer objectives and uncovering needs that will be acted on even through the current situation.
This module covers:
• Insight: Customer objectives, barriers, causes and solutions
• Influence: Powerful questions and other key behavioural tools
• Trust: Establishing trust quickly in a
new relationship

Building Momentum

When decision-makers are distracted and budgets are limited, it’s even more important to get customers to see their need as urgent, so that you minimise losses to ‘doing nothing’.
This module covers:
• Uncovering Pain at the four levels of value (loss aversion)
• Creating contrasts vs. the Gain from your solution (contrast bias)
• Advanced influencing techniques when building momentum

Selling and Pitching Virtually

There are
very specific skills involved in holding
key sales meetings on the telephone or in a video-conference or other virtual environment. These skills also vary between different key meetings, such as those where you establish needs, build momentum, prove value, pitch and negotiate. This module
• Technology
• Rapport and trust
• Engagement
• Pitch exercise
• Perfect pitch

We will leave your teams with a clear set of actions and the commitment to implement them.

If you would like to book onto an OPEN Virtual Selling course please click the button below.

If you would like an IN-HOUSE Virtual Selling workshop. As detailed above, but tailored and delivered to your internal sales teams. A maximum of 12 for each half-day session. Please contact us.

If your needs are different, we can select the specific modules from our 3D Sales Curriculum that will have the greatest impact on protecting and growing your business.