You have a few seconds to build the trust that is a prerequisite for a brilliant customer service conversation.

We know, because we have listened to thousands of them.

Our Customer Conversation Model™ is based on insights gained from listening to and analyzing thousands of customer interactions. It provides the key steps and psychological foundation for driving consistently brilliant service conversations, and it starts with those crucial first seconds.

We collaborate with major companies across industries, helping them get their customer service conversations spot on. We determine what brilliant customer service conversations should sound and feel like, and we implement a proven process to make them happen.

One of the UK’s largest construction and housing companies was struggling with CSAT and NPS scores and poor direct feedback from customers. Working with their L&D team, we created a customer conversation framework, tailored to improve customer experience in each of their segments. Together we developed a rigorous leadership program that instilled a customer-centric culture, which was then adapted and cascaded through the management levels. This program achieved its business goals, delivering an immediate 3% uplift in customer satisfaction and a net reduction in complaints. The program was recognized with a Training Journal Award.

Who will benefit from this program?

This program is suitable for all front-line service staff, whether their customer interactions are telephone-based, online or face-to-face.

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