Delivering a customer experience that makes your customers smile and builds loyalty to your brand is essential. However, just understanding the basics of what each customer is looking for and knowing how to approach each customer interaction in a service environment is tough. This is especially true if you have never received training on the behaviors, attitudes and skills that are needed to deliver a truly brilliant customer experience.

Our Foundation to Customer Service program delivers a comprehensive introduction to customer service skills. At the center of this program is our unique R3 framework that was built on customer insight and research. This research showed that no customer service issue can be properly resolved until the customer feels reassured and related to. R3 teaches customer service staff the skills to do just this, and then provides training on how to build on this trust and achieve a successful resolution to each conversation.

R3 Reassure, Relate, Resolve - Model

The R3 framework is tailored so that it reflects your specific customer aspirations. The three key stages of Reassure, Relate and Resolve work across channels, products and industries as they reflect inherent customer behavior and psychology.

The training involves managers and provides them with the skills and tools to transfer the learning into the day to day activities of their teams. The program can be tailored to specific business objectives, job roles and market context.

Who is the program for?

The program is for front line customer service teams and their managers whether their service conversations occur face to face, over the telephone or online. It provides a solid and compelling foundation in the customer focused skills, attitudes and behaviors that are needed to provide brilliant customer service.

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