Imparta’s Strategic Account Management (SAM) program is unique in the industry in that it focuses on the questions you need answered, not on a linear process.

You probably have an account planning process. It probably doesn’t work.

Most account plans contain large amounts of data, but little insight. Most planning sessions are actually just reporting sessions. And most plans, once completed, are only brought out the next time you ask for them. As a result, many of your highest potential accounts are being run reactively. Opportunities – indeed, whole customer business units and territories – are being missed.

Stakeholders and politics are not being fully managed. And margins are not being maximized.

SAM builds on Imparta’s deep experience in the fields of strategy and sales. It integrates seamlessly with our award-winning opportunity management program, Creating Client Value (CCV), and shares the same customer-centric philosophy, enabling clear reporting between new business and account management teams. It also trains people to become trusted advisors and to manage without formal authority as they conduct the wider account team.

SAM introduces a clearly defined process and an interactive toolkit that allows you to easily create, track and monitor account plans. SAM introduces a clearly defined process and an interactive toolkit that allows you to easily create, track and monitor account plans. Key SAM tools can be integrated into your CRM to bring SAM skills and learning into your sales organization’s everyday activities.

Who will benefit from this program?

This program is for account managers who need to take a more strategic approach to maximizing the value created for and by their accounts.

It comprises 14 modules that can be combined with other modules from our sales curriculum. Each of the modules is represented by one of the following cards, please click through the cards for more detail.

What will this program help you solve?

  • Inefficient account planning Many account plans contain a wealth of information about the customer, but fail to deliver actionable insights. SAM teaches your teams to gather specific data to create and test strategic ideas.
  • Low share of wallet SAM’s approach to analyzing the customer’s business allows account managers to be proactive in identifying opportunities to drive new revenue.
  • Accounts not achieving their potential SAM teaches techniques for actively penetrating broader and deeper into accounts.
  • Lost revenue and eroded margin SAM builds commercial acumen skills and equips managers to broaden and deepen their relationships, while putting in place early warning mechanisms to track dissatisfaction against the customer’s value criteria.
  • Inaccurate revenue and profit forecasting SAM improves forecasting by analyzing and categorizing revenue opportunities.
  • Poor coordination of account strategies SAM improves internal project management and communications, ensuring that all stakeholders know how to add value when involved in the account and helping to ensure the account plan is kept alive.

SAM is typically delivered as a 2-day workshop. SAM tools can be configured for all major CRM systems, and further enhanced by our cloud-based social and mobile learning platform, i-Coach.

I had a major account that was completely stalled. The SAM program suggested some compelling new strategies, and how to implement them. A short while later I got the deal. Senior Executive, Professional Services

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