Consultative Selling Skills (CSS) helps salespeople tune in to the customer, bring insight to their issues and suggest potential solutions.

Do your salespeople add value to your client’s business?

Great salespeople earn trust by tuning in to the customer’s communication style and sparking the client’s interest. They don’t just talk about value, they create it – from the customer’s point of view.

Whether an individual is new to sales, or has been working in the industry for several years, the salesperson has to engage a new set of skills if they are to step further into the consultative selling world.

Who will benefit from this program?

This program is especially effective for new salespeople, or for teams who need to differentiate their sales approach from the competition by being more customer-centric in their approach.

It comprises eight modules that can be combined with other modules from our sales curriculum.

What will this program help you solve?

  • Inexperienced salespeople falling into traps such as telling more than asking, closing too early, and communicating rather than creating value CSS provides a solid grounding in buyer-centric selling, making sure that the whole sales team shares a common set of core skills and a philosophy of creating value for the customer.
  • Variable execution of the basics CSS provides highly practical and experiential learning in the essentials of selling, both on the telephone and face to face.
  • Failing to turn suspects into prospects CSS improves momentum and conversion rates by teaching powerful questioning techniques that uncover customer needs.
  • Win ratio is poor CSS tools get the salesperson to work in partnership with the client to formulate a compelling proposition.
  • Blockages in the sales pipeline As well as tackling the typical objections a salesperson may encounter, CSS looks at the underlying concerns a client may have and how to address them.

CSS is typically delivered as a 2-day workshop, supported by blended learning and assessments, and further enhanced by our cloud-based online and mobile learning platform, i-Coach.

The CSS training was a smash hit, well presented with great materials. We’ve seen an immediate impact in the performance and confidence of our salespeople. Sales Manager, Financial Services

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