The challenge

Companies spend huge amounts each year on sales training that doesn’t deliver results.

Typical solutions

We are frequently brought in to ‘fix’ sales training programs that have not delivered value. Often this involves getting managers to coach (which can be a challenge in both skill and will), and driving both the new skills and coaching itself with ongoing measurement. The old adage about getting what you measure was never more true than with salespeople and sales managers!

Our comprehensive Capability Building® System is content agnostic, so you can use it to reinforce your existing methodology – you don’t need to use ours. It is also modular, so you can use just the elements you need.

Our Virtual Sales Academy™ is a scalable and efficient way to upskill your salespeople online without having to repeat face-to-face training and the associated costs.

Imparta has extensive experience in improving sales training that hasn’t worked – please see our case studies for examples.