The challenge

Unless you already have a dominant market share, or operate in a commodity business, increasing the size of your sales team would have a major impact on your growth. The problem is that the cost of a new salesperson starts to affect your P&L as soon as you hire them, but, for many B2B products, they may not start generating revenue until a year later.

Typical solutions

For many companies, the time it takes for new salespeople to generate revenue is their biggest barrier to growth

Read our research and thinking on this issue in the white paper Reducing the Breakeven Time for New Salespeople.

Another way to increase the effective size of your sales team is, of course, to reduce the amount of time salespeople spend on non-selling activities. Our white paper Time and Territory Management shows how it is possible to double the effective number of salespeople in your team without hiring new salespeople.

Imparta’s sales experts can work with you to identify and address any specific issues within your customer-facing organization that are limiting your growth potential.