The challenge

Many global companies have developed through a combination of organic growth and acquisition. As a result, different local teams are often using a wide range of sales methodologies and tools, with varying degrees of success. This can lead to poor collaboration on multinational clients, lack of mobility around the global sales team, and inefficiency as best practice is not shared.

Typical solutions

Imparta has first-hand experience of driving a consistent, best practice sales approach around a global organization. ‘Global implementation with local sensitivity’ summarizes the approach that seems to work best. Because there is likely to be some resistance from the local organizations, a degree of collaboration and the use of local champions are particularly important in this kind of initiative. Our strong capabilities in translation/localization, logistics and project management along with our global network of trainers means we are well placed to support global alignment initiatives.

The Virtual Sales Academy™ now provides a digital solution for geographically dispersed sales teams. The Academy can be rolled out across multiple locations quickly and easily.

Imparta has extensive experience in global implementation – please see our case studies for examples.