Manufacturing companies operate in highly competitive environments where price is often perceived as the only differentiator.

In these markets, people buy from people who create value for them – through the insights they bring to the table, the solutions they create, and the help they provide around the buying process.

Many manufacturing companies are developing innovative solutions that respond to client challenges in new or better ways. However, too often these companies have sales teams whose preferred behavior of selling on price and volume damages margins, undermines the brand, and entirely fails to capture the value that should result from these innovations.

Imparta has worked with many manufacturing organizations to develop the skills, and change the behaviors, of their sales teams. We have helped manufacturing companies:

  • Fight back against margin erosion by selling on value, not price
  • Develop ‘trusted advisor’ skills that extend and deepen the value of the client relationship
  • Integrate sales teams from acquisitions
  • Develop consistent sales approaches across teams and countries
  • Achieve the full potential from key accounts by introducing rigorous account planning processes
  • Win critical contracts through Deal Coaching sessions

Imparta surpasses all of my expectations of what a learning provider is, because they simply are more than that. Imparta puts your company’s needs first and foremost, and comes up with ideas and programs with a lot of creativity, knowledge and experience which anticipates and uncovers your real needs and drives success within your business. Learning and Development Director, Major European Manufacturer and Distributor