Are you working in the business or on it?

As a sales leader, you shape the engine that powers the growth of the whole business. Yet the day-to-day demands of the role make it hard to find the time to step back and take a strategic view of the sales team. Imparta’s Sales Leadership Program (SLP) allows you to do that, giving you the opportunity to work on the business, rather than just in it.

Regardless of your sales priorities, SLP gives you the tools and skills to analyze the business strategy and the role the sales function plays in developing and executing that strategy. The program provides fresh insight into the structure of a world-class sales strategy and the optimal design of an organization that will support it. It also provides in-depth insight into best practice processes for opportunity, account and margin management, and lead generation.

SLP covers the full skill set of a sales leader, including leading the sales function, managing the sales team, and driving performance and personal effectiveness.

Who will benefit from this program?

This program is typically offered to the head of sales, plus their direct reports. For larger teams it can be valuable to include another layer down. The Sales Management Program draws on many of the same modules as SLP, and is appropriate for first-line sales managers.

SLP comprises 12 modules that can be combined with other modules from our sales curriculum. Each of the modules is represented by one of the following cards, please click through the cards for more detail.

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What will this program help you solve?

  • A sales strategy that is unclear, out of date, and/or not aligned with the business strategy
    Imparta’s pedigree in the strategy field allows us to bring real clarity to both the business unit and sales strategy, how they interact, and how to monitor market shocks and trends to keep the sales strategy up to date.
  • Suboptimal sales organization
    SLP provides the tools to test whether the structure still provides the right type and level of resource.
  • Core sales processes that need development
    SLP helps to optimize lead generation, opportunity and account management, and margin management.
  • Insufficient effective selling time
    SLP provides the framework and tools to help leaders as much as double the effective selling time within their team.
  • Poor forecasting and pipeline management
    SLP provides tools and techniques to manage the sales team budget effectively and forecast accurately.
  • Long cycle time
    Through effective use of pipeline management, SLP identifies which metrics to drive to increase conversion and win rates.
  • Stagnating accounts
    Where share of wallet has plateaued or begun to slip, SLP shares a proven coaching and feedback methodology that ensures salespeople continuously seek new strategies to reignite accounts.
  • Talent management
    SLP equips sales leaders to fine-tune talent processes, from hiring to development, to create a world-class sales team.
  • Personal effectiveness
    SLP provides clarity on the role of the sales leader, and develops additional skills in decision-making and communication.

SLP is typically delivered as a 2-day workshop, supported by blended learning and assessments, and further enhanced by our cloud-based social and mobile learning platform, i-Coach.

The delegates were highly experienced, but still left motivated to try out many new ideas. The feedback was extremely good, and the training had a considerable impact beyond the buzz that was created on the day. Director, Private Equity Company 

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