What is the program about?

As markets become increasingly competitive, businesses need more facts on which to base their investment decisions. They need to track market changes to maintain alignment with customer and channel needs, preferences and satisfaction.

This program improves the skills of research marketers to leverage both internal and external data and interpret trends emerging from this information. This experience focuses on analytical thinking skills as participants examine different research techniques, look at the components of a best practice research process, and determine how to get value for money.

Participants are exposed to case material and research data, and apply research solutions to a real business issue they are currently facing.

Who will benefit from the program?

All marketers involved in planning and executing marketing and communications programs who need to interpret both internal and external data and information.

What challenges will this program help you address?

  • Unable to define the problem: Managing Market Research teaches attendees how to use a structured approach to solving a marketing or business problem.
  • Poor insight process: the program includes a readily applicable process for developing insights from internal and external data, and applies this process to a live business issue.
  • Unsure which research technique to select: the program covers the main research techniques appropriate for developing trend analysis for key markets and products.
  • Lack of understanding of research management and cost effectiveness: participants are given an understanding of best practice for research agency management.

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