What is the program about?

Marketers need to lead from the front when it comes to interpreting and implementing a brand’s positioning. If marketers are not living the brand, the rest of the organization will be paying no more than lip service.

This program reminds marketers of why brand is so important in differentiating the company, and shows how living the brand goes far beyond choosing the right fonts and logo sizes – it involves every touchpoint with the customer.

Examples of value creation and destruction in brand value are discussed, and existing and ongoing campaigns are analyzed for brand alignment and opportunities to build and reinforce the brand.

Who will benefit from the program?

All marketers, new hires and anyone who needs to understand and live the brand.

What challenges will this program help you address?

  • Undervaluing the brand: marketers will understand how to enhance a brand’s value and use the brand’s positioning as a creative springboard to new ideas.
  • Lack of brand alignment: marketers will be shown how to ensure campaigns and communications reinforce and build, rather than dilute, the brand’s position.
  • Poor brand consistency: marketers consider where in their organization the customer experience is aligned with the brand promise, and what improvements are needed.
  • Outdated thinking: the program encourages marketers to stretch their thinking and look for new, fresh responses to business challenges by considering the elements of the brand promise.

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