What is the program about?

With all the tools available in the ever-changing digital landscape it is important that marketers have the skills to use them to improve marketing effectiveness. Digital platforms play a central role throughout the marketing process, from the development of customer insights right through to campaign implementation.

This program helps digital marketers understand how to improve marketing using the digital tools available on the market. It provides marketers with the opportunity to consider how digital technology should be applied in marketing campaigns.

The program:

  • Considers how digital tools can support and enhance marketing
  • Introduces a refined planning process to ensure digital opportunities are utilized throughout the Marketing process
  • Demonstrates how to use a mix of digital channels to derive customer insight
  • Develops digital strategies to enhance multi-channel marketing
  • Explains how to integrate multiple digital channels into a campaign and how campaign success can be measured in this context
  • Shows how to use digital platforms to measure digital marketing effectiveness

Who will benefit from the program?

All marketers involved in proposition development, communication, planning or insight generation.

What challenges will this program help you address?

  • Out-of-date marketing knowledge: marketers will be brought up to speed with developments and trends in digital marketing.
  • Poor marketing planning: planning skills will be enhanced by an understanding of how to incorporate digital platforms into proposition and campaign planning.
  • Ineffective campaigns: marketers will develop their skills in implementing campaigns across multiple channels.

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