What is the program about?

This program provides a robust process for the development of new propositions. It equips marketers with the skills to identify and scope the size and achievability of an opportunity, drive insight from customer data and engagement, creatively develop ideas to stretch and optimize a proposition, and plan for its development and execution.

Who will benefit from the program?

All marketers involved in generating ideas for, developing or communicating propositions.

What challenges will this program help you address?

  • Unclear propositions: the program enables marketers to develop and plan propositions that respond to live, properly identified business needs.
  • Outdated thinking: participants are given techniques to help them break out of conventional thinking patterns.
  • Lack of customer insight: in Developing Winning Propositions, ideas are generated from customer insights; the customer is placed firmly at the heart of the process.
  • Suboptimized propositions: often the potential of propositions across different customer groups, channels, or media are not fully considered. This program encourages delegates to stretch and extend their thinking to ensure propositions are developed to their full potential.

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