What is the program about?

New customer insights inspire new products, services or breakthrough communications to customers, and they are fundamental to revenue growth. Although technology has made it easier and less costly to gather information, customer insights are not revealed by statistics alone.

We help companies engage the talents of their staff by defining what real insights are, providing a process that helps to generate them, and showing them how to identify those of real value. The experience flexes rational and creative thinking skills as participants learn techniques to use in probing customer motivations and behaviors, and to become more insightful individuals.

Participants are exposed to numerous examples of successful insight and apply the insight process to a real business issue they are currently facing.

Who will benefit from the program?

All marketers involved in delivering or extending propositions, communicating with customers or contributing to marketing strategy. The program is also of value to customer service leaders and other teams with direct customer responsibilities.

What challenges will this program help you address?

  • Lack of customer-centricity: Customers at the Heart of Your Brand will reinforce the critical importance of a customer-centric culture.
  • Poor insight process: during the program, a readily applicable process for developing insights will be presented and tested on a live business issue.
  • Failure to apply segmentation: this insight process demonstrates the value of a well-defined segmentation approach.
  • Outdated thinking: the program encourages marketers to stretch their thinking and look for new, fresh responses to business challenges through the use of insights.

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