Behavioral Economics combines economics and psychology to explain why people make certain decisions and choices, including purchasing decisions, and how we can use this understanding to change, steer or nudge behavior.

We commissioned research to define the behaviors and preferences that have the most influence on customer experience and purchasing decisions in the service environment. Our 2-day Behavioral Sales program has evolved from this research, and focuses on what sales and service teams can do to positively influence decision making though communication. For example, indicating what other customers have purchased creates a cognitive bias that influences other customers to make the same decision.

The Behavioral Sales program identifies some of the most powerful behavioral concepts that positively influence your sales process. Our Customer Conversation Model™ draws upon these concepts to drive brilliant sales through service conversations.

Who is the program for?

The program is for sales and sales through service teams who are ready for the next step, need to try a new approach to improve results, or want to gain a deeper understanding of how customers think and buy.

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