Bad sales conversations damage customer confidence and trust.

Great sales conversations grow revenue and enhance the customer relationship.

In many consumer environments, such as retail and hospitality, the emphasis and investment is on training service skills. While excellent service is a foundation for selling, these skills do not uncover, or close, a sales opportunity. Brilliant service creates the momentum and opportunity for a brilliant sales conversation. Selling is a different and additional skill to service, and many of the most successful organizations equip their customer-facing teams to do both.

With our deep experience in both Sales and Service, we are particularly well placed to transform the sales performance of these teams. The 2-day Sales through Service program delivers our robust, customer-centric approach to selling in a service environment. This approach focuses on conversations from the initial customer interaction, the building of trust, the transition from a service to a sales conversation, and finally to the sale.

The program can be tailored to your business objectives, job roles and customers.

Who is the program for?

The program is for service teams that struggle to sell, have low conversion rates, or fail to cross-sell and upsell. It closes the costly gap between what could be sold, in for example your stores, hotels, and service centers, and what is being sold.

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