Many companies want their customer service teams to sell to their customers. This can be both uncomfortable and difficult for those who have not sold before, or were originally recruited for their service skills.

The good news is that their service and relationship skills provide a brilliant foundation for selling (and if they do not have service skills we can help with that, too).

Customers are most influenced by sales conversations where the seller empathizes with, relates to and reassures them – the foundations of great service. They are less likely to buy when pressured or simply sold the benefits and features of a product.

Our Introduction to Customer Selling program explains the fundamentals of selling, and delivers the engagement skills and conversation techniques that build selling confidence in service teams. The goal is to establish rapport and trust and make the sale as natural as it can be. The program involves managers in the training, and provides them with the skills and tools to enhance and reinforce the learning within their teams. The program can be tailored to your business objectives, job roles and customers.

Who is the program for?

This program builds the skills of those that have a service role, but are new to selling. It is ideal for teams in service centers, retail, hospitality and anywhere else where service provides the opportunity for increased revenues.

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