Are You Speaking Clearly?

Social media customer service and webchat are growing fast – is your organisation ready?

Why are digital customer conversations so important?

As many organisations have found – to their cost – social media has become hugely powerful. It can damage even longstanding brands with a few well-crafted words or pictures. Equally, social media can act like ‘death by a thousand cuts’. Many everyday people tweeting and posting negative comments about your brand can have a more severe long- term impact than one ‘Stephen Fry moment’.

The risk of not delivering excellence in digital customer conversations, which covers social media customer services (Facebook and Twitter) and webchat, is that you can’t respond effectively to ‘brand grenades’ and nor can you protect your brand over time. When you do get it right, though, you tap into the potential to win loyal fans for your brand.

One retailer we interviewed reported that 45% of its inbound customer contact is by social media – handled with great success. In the airline industry consumers are increasingly using Twitter and Facebook rather than letters and complaint forms to resolve issues. Brands such as Burberry have 17m followers on Facebook, creating a fabulous communication channel.