Push Back Against Post-Pandemic
Procurement Pressure

Right now, Procurement teams are laser-focused on discounts, favourable payment terms, and supply chain flexibility. Now is the time to sharpen your team’s negotiation capability, and to push back against post-pandemic procurement pressure.

Introducing Imparta’s Sales Negotiation Content Pack, including:

1 *New* Whitepaper: Pushing Back Against Post-Pandemic Procurement Pressure.
2 The FAST one-pager, master the art of responding to concession demands.
3 Recorded Negotiations Seminar, hosted by Richard Barkey, founder and CEO of Imparta, that covers:

  • The 8 types of sales negotiator, and which types you definitely don’t want to be.
  • The 10 main Procurement strategies, and how to resist them.
  • How to build a comprehensive sales negotiation capability across your whole team.

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