It’s just like the real thing. In fact, in some cases, it’s even better.

Simulations allow complex skills to be taught in a way that would be impractical with normal role-plays, and deliver people who can actually apply new skills, rather than just describe them.

Our multi-award winning simulations provide a rich and realistic learning experience, where participants practice new skills in a safe but realistic non-linear environment. They can be integrated into a workshop or used standalone, and be used on a range of devices.

Our simulations cover many aspects of customer-centric selling and service. These include Consultative Selling, Negotiating, Building Rapport, Brilliant Customer Conversations, Handling Complaints, and Collections. Many of these can also be accessed through the Virtual Sales Academy™.

We are also expert at creating custom simulations, from full, complex case studies to three-minute mini-sims, to reinforce specific skills or assist in the launch of new products. If you would like to demo one of our simulations, then please fill in the form below: