If you run a training course without measuring results, you simply don’t know if it’s worked or not. You don’t know whether to keep doing it, or whether anything needs changing. And if you can’t prove ROI, where’s the next budget coming from?

It’s also a missed opportunity because measuring impact is great for creating buzz and encouraging people to apply new skills.

We have a dedicated Client Impact Team that tracks, analyzes and reports on the impact of training, using the widely-accepted Kirkpatrick Model, and advises you on any corrective actions needed. Our clients typically measure delegate feedback, as well as knowledge acquisition through online quizzes, behavior change through online competency assessments, and of course return on investment. Depending on the sales project, ROI metrics may include increases in sales, improvement in targeted sales competencies, margin improvement or cross-selling effectiveness. In service projects typical metrics include reduction in customer effort and complaints, changes to net promoter scores, staff engagement, or speed and quantity of collections.

Imparta uses levels of measurement to track and drive success, starting with the initial reaction of participants, right up to your company’s overall Return On Investment from the training intervention.

Imparta is well known for its robust approach to developing world class Sales and Service Academies. Competency assessments often play a key part in these Academies, providing upfront insight into existing skills and analysis on skill gaps. These online assessments are based on Imparta’s library of competency models and provide a benchmark to measure progress as well as ongoing information on observed changes in behaviors following training interventions.

Our online tools help you to gather and validate case studies where the new skills have made a quantifiable difference. Deal Coaching sessions help clients get the must-win deals over the line, providing clear evidence of ROI. We also track improvements in performance (sales, NPS, campaign performance, etc.), ideally with a control group to reduce the influence of external factors.

You can also take a look at our library of case studies.