Global sales organizations need global sales training providers. The best global sales organizations have a consistent approach to selling, to communicating the value of their products and solutions, and to developing strategic accounts. This allows coordination throughout the sales organization, and gives sales leaders the confidence that their sales teams are operating to similarly high standards.

Along with the significant logistical and translation challenges of a successful global sales program or Sales Academy, there are other complexities that determine their global project’s success. These include the need to develop high-quality, consistent training that is sensitive to local market, cultural, and customer contexts. There is also a need for stakeholder alignment and communications strategies that engage and include local leadership teams.

At Imparta we embrace these challenges and complexities. We have the people, capabilities and technologies to deliver high-impact global sales programs and Academies. For example, we recently designed and delivered a customer-centric sales curriculum for a major European packaging business in 25 countries and in 17 languages.

To overcome global implementation challenges we offer:

  • Over 150 trainers in 60 countries. Our trainers are typically required to have extensive experience in sales or service management and at least 5 years’ training experience. Their performance is constantly monitored, and continuous customer satisfaction is a precondition of ongoing accreditation.
  • A rigorous train the trainer process. Our trainers are required to not only have theoretical and sales skills expertise but are also immersed in each program and project before they deliver it, ensuring consistency of performance and messaging across multiple markets.
  • A visioning and tailoring process. This brings local expertise into the development of global sales programs and aligns key stakeholders to the process.
  • Dedicated translation, project management and logistical teams. Each of these teams has experience running large multinational projects out of our offices in Europe, the USA, and Australia.
  • Award-winning digital learning technologies. These allow us to create the right balance of online and workshop-based activities, and reduce the costs of travel and accommodation.