During 2014 and 2015 we supported Claire Cologne, a cherished member of our team endure a long and difficult journey through countless treatments for breast cancer.

Exactly one year on from finishing her treatment, we are thrilled to support her through another journey of a different kind… where she plans to complete the Haute Route Glacier Trek in the Alps on the 17th July 2016!!

The 7-day Trek is a high mountain route with all that that implies. The route she will follow involves travelling on glaciers most days. With many warning hazards this is definitely not an expedition for the faint-hearted and we are glad to know that Claire has the prerequisite skills to complete the route.

She is making this incredible journey in aid of Weston Park Hospital, where she received her treatment and Challenge Cancer Through Adventure, the inspiration for her venture.

We are so incredibly proud of Claire for making this journey and this is why we would be so grateful for any donations, please visit Claire’s donation page: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/clairecologne1

To keep up with Claire while she prepares for the Haute route, follow her blog: https://canceradventureblog.wordpress.com/