This year marks our 20th anniversary. To highlight our continued growth and success, we have launched a new website. We have also taken this opportunity to extend, refine and improve the services we offer to our clients. This progression is articulated in the title of our new home page – Sales and Service solutions that deliver transformational performance improvement.

There are a few other changes that come with this milestone. Several years ago, Imparta acquired The Procter Consultancy, a well-known and trusted provider of customer service solutions. Imparta’s deep knowledge of sales training and Procter’s service experience fit together naturally to create a powerful customer-focused training organization. The companies have combined their resources and processes into a unified approach for delivering behavioral change and skills training.

As we are now fully integrated in all operational areas of the business, we think it makes sense for us to fully integrate under one sales and service brand – Imparta.

The pinnacle of this collaboration has been the development of an innovative Sales through Service curriculum that helps companies – particularly in the retail, hospitality, utilities and financial service sectors – drive revenues by combining and improving their sales and service activities. This brings together Imparta’s core sales methodology with Procter’s proven service conversation models. The Sales through Service solutions fit perfectly between our well-established Sales solutions and Service solutions.

Imparta now serves the business development and service needs of all organizations, from those operating in complex, high-value B2B markets to organizations making thousands of consumer transactions each and every day.

With this new website, we want to highlight exactly what it is that makes Imparta stand out. But, more importantly, we want to demonstrate how we can make a real difference and deliver success for your organization.

I hope you’ll take a moment to explore the new site, and that it will inspire you to talk to us about strengthening your go-to-market capabilities. We are only a click or a phone call away.

Richard Barkey, CEO, Imparta Inc.