For over 30 years, leading organizations have relied upon Procter for customer service solutions that delight and win the loyalty of their customers. Procter’s accomplished methodologies and techniques have proven hugely effective. By combining experience with research and innovation, they have helped clients face change and come out the other side stronger, more profitable – and with more satisfied customers. And, in turn, they have satisfied their own customers, who are among the biggest brands in the customer service industry.

The Procter Consultancy was acquired several years ago by Imparta, a global leader in sales training. Imparta’s deep knowledge of sales training and Procter’s service experience fit together naturally to create the ultimate customer-focused training organization.

Since then, the companies have integrated their resources and processes for delivering behavioral change and skills training into a unified approach. The pinnacle of this collaboration has been the development of an innovative Sales through Service curriculum. This brings together Imparta’s core sales methodology with Procter’s proven service conversation models. The curriculum provides skills and development training for all roles where teams are expected to sell to customers as well as provide brilliant service. This applies to a range of industries, including retail and hospitality, and to many service centres.

Given these changes, it now makes sense to work under the one combined sales and service brand – Imparta.

As Imparta, we will continue to provide the passion, commitment and customer-focused solutions that are synonymous with the Procter name.