Speaker: Richard Barkey, Public Speaker and CEO of Imparta
Time: 10:00:00 - GMT
Location: Online

Training Journal




Too many valuable L&D projects fail before they start, derailed by slow decision making, competing priorities, and stakeholders who don’t identify with the project value.

Join us for this live video discussion, sponsored by Imparta. Richard Barkey, CEO and Founder of leading sales and service training company Imparta, will share his 20 years of experience working with L&D teams to implement major training projects and change initiatives in companies such as Cisco, Intel, Telefonica and the WPP Group.

Reflecting on some of the challenges many L&D professionals have in influencing and aligning stakeholders, Richard suggests they could benefit from adopting some of the tools and techniques top salespeople use to accelerate and manage decision making where multiple interests are involved.

Richard will discuss how you can use some of the skills of successful salespeople to:

  • Navigate and help move your decision makers through the four stages of any decision process
  • Develop a stakeholder strategy – and tactics for changing the mind-sets of the unconvinced
  • Understand the motivations of different stakeholders and align them to your project
  • Develop the position of ‘Trusted Advisor’ giving confidence to stakeholders throughout a decision process
  • Reduce the perceived risks in making a positive decision

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