Sales organizations with dispersed workforces or large numbers of millennial learners need digital learning to scale, and improve engagement with, their sales training activities. Traditional face-to-face sales training approaches can suffer from high cost, poor scalability, lack of millennial appeal and inconsistent delivery. To date, e-learning hasn’t matched the impact or engagement of traditional sales training, and both its use and effectiveness has been patchy. This challenge has driven the development of an innovative online learning solution that can ‘square the circle’ – The Virtual Sales Academy®, which combines the impact of a full sales academy with all the benefits of a digital approach.

Join us for this complimentary webinar, hosted by Richard Barkey, founder and CEO of Imparta. Richard will explain how to deliver against the often conflicting goals of driving sales performance, engaging learners and reducing training costs – whether you are enhancing an existing sales training initiative or crafting a new virtual academy. This interactive webinar will provide practical insights into:

  • How you can deliver online sales training that allows salespeople to learn, practice and apply their skills
  • How Cisco and Imparta reimagined online sales training for Cisco’s Global Virtual Sales & Customer Success Organization
  • How to empower managers and energize an increasingly millennial sales audience
  • Best practices in online sales training and how to avoid common pitfalls that waste time and money

The webinar will take place at 1pm ET on Thursday, December 7 – we would love for you to join us.

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