Improving Customer Experience in Complaints

The Aim

Lloyds Bank Group (LBG) plc is a British retail and commercial bank with branches across England and Wales. It has traditionally been considered one of the Big Four clearing banks.

Lloyds Bank Group complaints had made great progress from an internal perspective, as benchmarked against other UK financial services organizations and from a regulatory FSA viewpoint. However, they still had a big letter (versus phone) culture which meant that many complaints handlers were reticent to pick up the phone and customers had to write back for resolution, making the process protracted, slow and not customer focused.

Imparta were asked to upskill all Lloyds Bank Group complaint handlers and managers in a program to develop telephone and complaint-handling skills, based on understanding the customer’s justice style and fostering a ‘today’s job today’ and ‘pick up the phone’ culture in their teams. It was also intended to provide the managers with the means to sustain those skills in the real world moving forward.

Lloyds Solution

  • Design backed by external customer insights into customers’ justice styles
  • Application of customer insight to customer complaining styles
  • Senior management engagement
  • Managers developed upfront to support complaint handlers on the journey
  • Knowledge transfer approach for frontline roll-out
  • Joined-up customer channels to ensure having Connected Conversations in written word as well as over the telephone
  • Co-designed with frontline teams – partnership approach
  • Leaders taken on a cultural change journey to motivate and support colleagues in shift to picking up the phone

Working with Imparta has been transformational in our approach to customers and the language we use. They have worked incredibly hard with us to embed this systemically and, more importantly, culturally. We have really changed the DNA of the business as a result.

Head of Operations, Group Customer Services

Lloyds Results


NPS score improved


Resolution improvement


Agent confidence up


Over 90% of complaints resolved on the spot


Complaints taking more than two weeks to resolve dropped by 30%


Reportable complaints to the FSA reduced by 9%