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Delivering a Customer-led Culture

The aim of delivering a customer-led culture

Lloyds Bank is a British retail and commercial bank with branches across England and Wales. Lloyds Bank needed support in creating a customer experience-focused culture among 4,500 telephony staff (advisors, team leaders, operational and senior management) with three million regular customers. Their goal was to improve customer and employee satisfaction, reduce complaints and ultimately to drive revenue through upskilling their people. They needed to create the right development culture with effective management and provide a sustainable long-term internal resource to keep the initiative alive.

The Solution

Lloyds Bank rolled out a change program across the whole of the customer service directorate.
Key steps included:

  • Focusing the beliefs and values required to make Lloyds Bank customers feel good about their interactions
  • Training all 4,500 staff on how to engage more effectively with customers and each other – an approach that spanned advisors, team leaders (as coaches), operational and ‘head of’ managers
  • A management program to develop the right people-focused culture and to embed the new way of working
  • Coach the Coach activity to support managers during the change program
  • Senior manager participation and engagement – ensuring they understood their role in driving change and leading from the front
  • Process alignment to ensure the program became BAU – recruitment, induction, performance management, reward, recognition, and quality
  • Knowledge transfer to provide internal sustainable expertise

Making the obvious come to life is what you did for my business. Our desire to make customers feel valued beyond their sort code and account number has delivered record customer service results.

Head of Contact Centre

The Results


Increase in ‘touch’ customer satisfaction


Increase in bottom line value of sales


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in escalated calls


Record increase in employee satisfaction