Inspiring the next generation
of careers in retail

What is the Retail Codex?

The Retail Codex is a pioneering project by Imparta designed to lay the foundations for the future of high street retail. The programme demonstrates to school students the benefits of having a career in retail and the types of careers available, including product creation, marketing and management.

Retail Codex Student

There is huge demand in the retail industry for empowered and knowledgeable young people with superior customer service skills. The Retail Codex plots the customer journey and how to deliver exceptional service throughout.

We are ready to make the Retail Codex available to school students looking for experience in retail. If you are ready to help grow the next generation of careers in retail then please get in touch.

The four key principles the programme aims to achieve are:

Nurturing individuals, growing confidence and setting standards.

Creating solid learning structured around the key aspects of retail.

Setting realistic and progressive targets for success.

Giving students the platform to transfer skills into the real world.

The Retail Codex pilot

Imparta's first pilot programme has just concluded with all students graduating in the summer of 2017.

In Swindon, the Retail Codex is already laying the foundation for a new wave of engaged, skilled and knowledgeable young people to develop successful careers in retail.

Imparta, working with students from the Swindon Academy, in partnership with the Brunel Shopping Centre and retailer Marks & Spencer, has pioneered a four-module programme that gives these young people the skills they need for a career in retail.

Marks and Spencer The Brunel Imparta

A successful pilot for the Retail Codex in Swindon

Because we are making real people ready for real jobs in retail, it is essential that we work hand in hand with leading retail specialists in order to build the new stars of the retail industry. This would not be possible without the strong partnerships we have already forged and continue to make as we develop the Retail Codex.

Ruth Robinson
What a wonderful opportunity this has been for our youngsters. This course has enabled them to receive a quality experience that will prepare them for their future careers. We are very grateful to Imparta, The Brunel Centre and Marks & Spencer for involving us in this pilot scheme and hope it will continue.
Ruth Robinson
Swindon Academy Principal
Jane Stewart
Knowing that retailers often struggle to recruit engaged and confident young people we decided to put together the Retail Codex programme. Its aim is to challenge the narrow perceptions of jobs in the retail industry and to help youngsters develop their confidence and customer service skills.
Jane Stewart
Marketing Manager, The Brunel Swindon Shopping Centre
Ruth Robinson
Retailers really need young talent to be coming through. Securing retail skills is fantastic because those who get into retail at a young age prove to be really successful. It would be great if other retailers could get involved because then we could expand the Retail Codex further and give even more young people the opportunity to get insight into retail.
Andrew Martin
Manager, Marks & Spencer Swindon
This course gives you the skills you need in life, I've really built my confidence and my team working skills.
Retail Codex Graduate
from the Swindon Academy
I don't want this course to finish, I want to keep learning about retail.
Retail Codex Graduate
from the Swindon Academy
It was great to work in M&S and actually get a feel for what it's like.
Retail Codex Graduate
from the Swindon Academy

What does the Retail Codex look like in action?

The Retail Codex journey takes place over a year and comprises a hands on, modular approach to teaching the fundamentals of retail.

Students work in groups to create a new product, and deliver their project in a Dragons' Den style presentation. The finale of the Retail Codex is the takeover of a floor in one of the high street's biggest brands — where the students use their newly gained experience and skills to serve and sell to customers.

We work with a team of up to fifteen eager 15-16 year olds looking to gain experience in retail and secure CV enhancing skills.
Our initial set-up is a collaboration with the parents, the school and the students to select a schedule that suits everyone.
Typically, the first three modules happen during term time, with the final module taking place after the students finish their GCSEs.
The Retail Codex modules will take place in local retail venues and a teacher is assigned to support the coursework activities that happen between workshop dates.
All students graduate with retail work experience to enhance their CV, ready for a potential summer job and the possibilities of a career beyond that.

Be a part of the future of the Retail Codex

Our mission is to make the Retail Codex available to students in academies and schools nationally by partnering with major retailers to make this happen..., how can you get involved in inspiring the next generation of careers in retail?

If you are:

A retailer looking to support an initiative that could not only benefit your organisation but also boost the retail industry in general, then please get in touch.
A school hoping to give your pupils an insight into a potential career path in retail, then get involved here.
A company who would like to sponsor the Retail Codex, then talk to one of our team.

If you want to be a part of the Retail Codex, but don’t think you fit into one of the options above, then we would still love to hear from you.

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