These days, customers are as likely to type as they are to talk.

Social media and webchat are now significant channels for everyday customer service, whether to discuss a product, query a bill or arrange a delivery, and companies need to adapt their approach. 

Imparta’s research Are You Speaking Clearly? analysed thousands of social media and webchat interactions and also surveyed 1000 consumers.

As a result we understand the power, and the dangers, of digital customer conversations and work with clients to build excellence and consistency in their social media and webchat teams.

Our REV™ toolkit has been designed to assess your effectiveness in digital conversations and help your team develop the skills required to have brilliant conversations.

You can engage with REV™ in four ways:

Rev Assesement

REV Assessment

A robust tool that measures your brand’s performance against the nine dimensions of success that form the basis of the REV™ framework. It identifies the capabilities and skills that will maximise the value your advisers contribute to digital conversations.

Rev benchmarking

REV Benchmarking

A research tool that measures against 73 organisations as a way of identifying opportunities to drive improvements. We know who performs well and who doesn’t when it comes to digital customer conversations.

Rev blueprinting

REV Blueprinting

Working with your business, we apply our expertise and experience to your social media vision and create a blueprint to help you operationalise your goals.

Rev development

REV Development

Tailored development programmes improve the performance of the entire adviser team delivering social media and webchat conversations.

Who will benefit from this programme?

It is suitable for frontline staff whose customer interactions are online.

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