The challenge

Launching a new product or unlocking a new market poses several challenges for any salesforce. Can they sell the new solutions? Do they understand the new industries, decision makers and competitors? How can they generate leads in sufficient quantity to hit launch targets?

Typical solutions

You need to provide specifics in the needs of the new market, how to uncover those needs, how your solutions address them, and how to beat the new competition.

Imparta’s solutions include:

  • Customised versions of our Creating Client Value (CCV) programme, focused specifically on the new products/services and markets. The programme is designed to fine-tune sales skills – it also helps salespeople to get under the skin of their target customers’ businesses, the value that the new products can create, the typical decision criteria used by customers to choose a vendor, and how you compare to the competition for a new product or market.
  • Versions of CCV designed specifically for the marketing and propositions teams, so they know what the salesforce needs from them.
  • Our unique SEPT™ (Sales-Enabled Product Training) process, which shows salespeople how to sell a new product, not just what it does.
  • Finally, Imparta’s comprehensive Capability Building® System provides a structured approach to learning that drives performance.

Imparta has extensive experience in helping companies launch a new product or enter a new market – please see our case studies for examples.