The challenge

With the ever-increasing influence of procurement teams, sales organisations have to battle to maintain their margins. Procurement teams are often highly trained and sales teams must be able to match their skills if they are to successfully influence the outcome of negotiations.

Typical solutions

Imparta offers two core programmes to help in this area. We can also mix and match modules to create something that is an exact fit with your needs.

  • Our Commercial Acumen programme provides the finance knowledge required to understand account profitability and then explores the decisions that affect it, including price/volume trade-offs, discounting strategies, product mix, account-level costs and profit leakage.
  • Our Negotiating Client Value programme shares the customer-centric philosophy of our core Creating Client Value methodology, building advanced negotiation strategies and skills in the context of the customer’s Buying Cycle. It equips your salespeople to create value for both parties while defending your margins against price pressure. It uses strategies like framing and anchoring and concession strategies to ensure a good outcome.

Both programmes incorporate specific modules on handling procurement negotiations.

You can also use our Deal Coaching sessions to maximise profits in significant deals and accounts.

Imparta has extensive experience in influencing the outcome of procurement negotiations – please see our case studies for examples.