The challenge

Sometimes you don’t need to train your whole sales team in a new methodology. If the problem is with one specific aspect of sales performance, you’ll want to fix it quickly, without too much cost, hassle or time off the road.

Typical solutions

Our modular training approach is perfect for creating a short, focused intervention that still includes enough reinforcement to deliver significant results. Specific sales issues include:

  • Cross-selling and deal size. The gameboard tool in our Strategic Account Management (SAM) programme is ideal for identifying major cross-selling opportunities for your largest accounts. The Value Chain (in both the SAM and CCV programmes) allows you to drill down to the specific cross-selling opportunities and increase average deal size.
  • Pipeline and lead generation. Lead generation is covered in Creating Client Value (CCV), but we also have a range of other lead generation modules in our Marketing programmes.
  • Improving win rates. The Value Map tools within CCV are extremely powerful, and have increased clients’ win rates in competitive situations substantially.
  • Forecasting accuracy. Our customer-centric Buying Cycle provides a far more accurate guide to deal probabilities than the seller-centric models used in most CRM systems.
  • Reducing customer churn. The same tools that can be used to win deals can also be used to protect your existing accounts.
  • Improving conversion rates in retail sales. Our simulations are particularly effective in training sales advisers to guide customers through their decision journey, improving conversion rates in-store.

You may also find our Deal Coaching programme to be of value for must-win deals and must-grow accounts.

Imparta has extensive experience fixing specific sales issues – please see our case studies for examples.