The challenge

As markets mature, it becomes much harder to differentiate on product and service alone. The pipeline becomes harder to fill and win rates fall. For B2B sales (and, to a large extent, direct-to-consumer sales), the game shifts from order-taking to differentiating through the salesforce itself. We call this consultative selling, but this is far from a reactive approach. It is proactive, insight-based and challenging where it needs to be.

Typical solutions

Not every customer wants to be dealt with in a consultative way, so it’s important to segment your customers and deal with them through an appropriate channel. Fail to do this and you will end up stuck in the middle, with a sales team that is too expensive to compete for transactional customers, and lacking the skills to win complex consultative deals.

Once you know which customers need to be dealt with in a consultative way, Imparta offers a comprehensive solution through our sales curriculum:

  • Our Consultative Selling Skills programme is aimed at relatively straightforward sales (both field- and telephone-based), where it is nevertheless important to create value through the sales process.
  • Our Creating Client Value programme is at the core of many highly successful consultative field salesforces, from Telefónica to Intel and WPP. It has been adapted to, and proven in, industries as diverse as software, finance, utilities and aerospace.
  • Our Strategic Account Management programme is designed to give account managers a powerful and practical set of tools to create and capture maximum value from your highest-potential accounts.
  • Our unique SEPT™ (Sales-Enabled Product Training) process can also help to ensure that Marketing and Sales are aligned around the new challenges.
  • Finally, Imparta’s comprehensive Capability Building® System provides a structured approach to learning that ensures these new skills stick.

Imparta has extensive experience building consultative selling skills – please see our case studies for examples.