‘Me, a salesperson?’

When professional service consulting firms target growth, they place the responsibility for delivering additional revenues on their experts and consultants. Yet these executives are not salespeople and do not see themselves as such. Some even regard sales as something that goes against their client service ethos. In addition, many struggle to communicate their value and the value of their organisation in a way that sets them apart.

However, it is client-centricity that is at the heart of successful selling in professional services. Even though these executives may not identify themselves as salespeople, they are entirely comfortable with the idea of being a trusted adviser. Resistance to selling can be overcome by showing them that the most effective approach to selling is to earn the trust of their clients, to focus on their needs, and to bring insights into their challenges and potential solutions.

Imparta has extensive experience training professional service organisations from multiple disciplines, including major law firms, consultancies, the world’s largest media and communications business, and many others. Challenges we help our professional service clients overcome include:

  • Introducing a company-wide, practical and customer-focused approach to business development
  • Developing senior level relationships and stakeholder strategy skills
  • Building business development skills into induction and management development programmes
  • Driving profitability through better client management and commercial acumen
  • Powering pitch performance – by focusing on clients’ needs and company differentiation
  • Reducing missed opportunities by developing clear account plans
  • Enabling managers to drive business growth though coaching and problem solving

Imparta’s own experience with a broad range of professional service companies brought to life the process through the client’s eyes, and Imparta’s consultancy background delivered a real rigour and stretch for the participants. Many thanks – we are going to be a much better company because of you. Chief Learning Officer, Global Advertising Agency

See our professional services white paper Sales Excellence: Customer-centric Selling in Professional Services.