The Sales Management Programme (SMP) equips sales managers with the skills needed to develop and lead a high-performing sales team.

A good sales manager needs to select, engage and retain top talent, and coach and performance manage them while maximising effective selling time. They need to manage their team’s pipeline and deal with a wide range of account issues, provide support with internal challenges, and deliver accurate forecasts that take account of the different levels of optimism and transparency across the team. Little wonder, then, that sales managers – whose core skills often have more to do with selling than managing – need support in the role.

Imparta’s Sales Management Programme (SMP) provides the processes, tools and people skills needed to both plan strategically and manage day-to-day activities. The programme works, whatever your sales methodology. SMP covers all the key elements of sales management: territory planning, forecasting, target setting, performance management and more.

Unlike many sales management training courses, SMP’s modular structure allows the programme to be tailored to the organisation’s specific needs. This gives attendees the tools and skills to set up their sales teams for success, while managing and growing them using organisational processes to embed and sustain improved results.

Who will benefit from this programme?

This programme is for anyone who has one or more salespeople reporting to them, regardless of sales methodology. While SMP is ideal for those new to sales management, it is equally applicable to all levels of experience.

It comprises eight modules that can be combined with other modules from our sales curriculum. Each of the modules is represented by one of the following cards, please click through the cards for more detail.

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What will this programme help you solve?

  • Poor sales coverage
    SMP helps sales managers assess and plan sales coverage to ensure the optimum match between sales resource and market opportunity.
  • Poor sales recruitment
    Recruiting the wrong salespeople increases costs and puts a brake on revenue growth. SMP provides a combination of competency-based and psychological assessment techniques to help managers select the right teams.
  • Insufficient effective selling time
    Most sales teams spend less than 20% of their time in effective selling. SMP provides the framework and tools to help managers as much as double the effective selling time within their team.
  • Poor performance management
    SMP equips managers to build a robust plan to develop and leverage all team members, prioritising the manager’s time to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Poor forecasting and pipeline management
    SMP provides tools and techniques to manage the sales team’s budget effectively and forecast accurately.
  • Long cycle time
    Through effective use of pipeline management, SMP identifies which metrics to drive to increase conversion and win rates.
  • Stagnating accounts
    Where share of wallet has plateaued or begun to slip, SMP shares proven coaching and feedback methodology which ensures salespeople continuously seek new strategies to reignite accounts.
  • Salespeople retention
    SMP shows sales managers how to partner with their salespeople and engage them via efficient target setting, ongoing development and identifying best practice to recognise and appreciate achievement.

SMP is typically delivered as a 2-day workshop, supported by blended learning and assessments, and further enhanced by our cloud-based social and mobile learning platform, i-Coach.

I was an outstanding salesperson, but even after four years, not at the top of my game as a manager. The programme has given me the skills and knowledge I’ve been crying out for. Sales Manager, Technology

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