What is the programme about?

Businesses know that the sophisticated use of information is critical to achieving high performance. An organisation that wants to succeed with analytics needs to start to identify the data that provides the most value. Leaders in analytics set strategy and performance expectations, which help them to leverage the most useful data. Turning data into effective propositions requires time and a dedication to understanding trends and insights into market and customer performance.

We help companies to turn data into effective propositions and to define and focus target market communications.

Participants are exposed to case material and data that provide insight into a real business issue that they are currently facing.

Who will benefit from the programme?

All marketers involved in planning and executing marketing and communications plans.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

  • Deficient use of analytics in the business: Turning Data into Effective B2B Propositions prepares you to meet the challenges of change by analysing data and identifying trends.
  • Not making the most of data mining: the programme introduces the Diamond Model, which helps teams get the maximum value out of data mining.
  • Not using data to reach the target market: marketers learn to to identify good prospects for the proposition in customer databases.

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