What is the programme about?

Not all customers are as important as others. Finding groups of customers with similar attributes or value allows marketing organisations to target the most attractive groups with carefully planned propositions and communications.

This programme teaches marketers up-to-date segmentation techniques tailored to their market and business challenges. Examples of successful segmentation strategies are explored, and the pros and cons of different approaches discussed. Current trends in segmentation and the impact of new data technologies are considered.

Participants are exposed to case material and data that provide a segmentation challenge for a live business opportunity.

Who will benefit from the programme?

All marketers involved in planning and executing marketing and communications plans.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

  • Failing to segment your market: Segmentation and Targeting demonstrates how to segment customers effectively, and how to find the most attractive segments to target.
  • Not understanding the customer: the programme reveals the meaning behind customer behaviour, interpreting attitudinal, motivational, psychographic and behavioural information.
  • Positioning and targeting errors: marketers learn how to maximise the value of your segmentation strategy.

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