What is the programme about?

Sometimes teams get stuck into a channelled way of thinking. This prevents them delivering fresh, new value-creating ideas. The Creative Thinking programme helps marketing teams break out of the predictable by trying out and testing creative thinking techniques on live business opportunities.

The programme has a focus on application – only techniques that can realistically be used by individuals or teams in the workplace are tested.

The habits and behaviours of creative thinkers are explored, and examples of fresh, creative thinking across multiple forms, media and channels are shared.

Who will benefit from the programme?

All marketers involved in strategy and all those who work with or develop propositions and communications, or those who need to tackle business challenges or opportunities in a new or different way.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

  • Predictable reactions: marketers will be able to look at opportunities and challenges in new and different ways.
  • Creative block: ideas and solutions will be wider ranging and more creative than previously. External ideas and influences will help deepen and strengthen ideas.
  • Weak propositions: new propositions will go beyond the obvious; creative techniques allow for good ideas to be stretched, built upon and refined to maximise their impact.

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