What is the programme about?

This programme helps marketers understand how salespeople operate and sell, and how marketing can underpin and influence their success. Marketers are given planning tools as well as practice in refining propositions and developing communications that optimise the performance of their sales channels.

Who will benefit from the programme?

All marketers involved in developing strategy, communications or propositions for sales channels.

What challenges will this programme help you address?

  • Low revenues: salespeople will have the optimal tools and resources they need to build their pipelines and drive revenues.
  • Poor customer satisfaction: customers will receive greater value from their interactions with the sales teams, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.
  • Disappointing launches: an aligned approach between marketing and sales leads to more impactful, successful launches. The buying criteria of the customers will be understood and anticipated and salespeople fully briefed and resourced.
  • Organisational alignment issues: a stronger working relationship between Marketing and Sales will lead to ongoing improvements in performance and effectiveness as information is better shared and opportunities tackled together.

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