Getting the balance right between securing sales targets and staying on the customer agenda is hard. Leaders and managers have to tackle this challenge, as well as supporting, motivating and shaping high performing teams. It’s a tough role, requiring strong management skills that deliver in demanding and busy consumer environments.

Before driving performance improvement within their teams, managers have to assess and understand which of their own behaviours are supporting their individual goals, and which are getting in the way. This self-analysis is challenging and takes courage – however, it is the foundation for their future success.

This 3-day programme provides skill development and direction for managers who are taking on, or need to improve in, sales through service management roles. It is built on a robust leadership model that helps managers identify and then practice the key skills and behaviours that engage, inspire and transform their teams. The training also helps managers clarify the vision and purpose of their team activities, and communicate how sales and service can be mutually supportive objectives.

Who is the programme for?

Leaders and managers with responsibility for sales and service teams.

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