We help you drive performance through brilliant customer-focused sales and service conversations

Selling to a customer you don’t know, and with limited time, takes skill.

Customer-facing teams working in retail, hospitality, service centres or other environments where sales success relies on brilliant conversations need to develop, practise and implement these skills. Yet this training can be difficult to provide when teams are dispersed over multiple locations, where staff turnover can be high and where the demands of the business mean time away from the front line is limited.

We help our clients overcome these challenges with a proven approach and framework for developing sales skills in service environments. We use scalable learning technologies to support the training solutions, and work with leaders, managers and trainers to make sure the learning sticks.

Creating measurable business results

Our Sales through Service projects focus on growing sales through improved sales skills, customer understanding and team management. Whether you want to increase sales through cross-selling, upselling, or simply better communication skills, our team will deliver a high-impact programme tailored to your needs. And while our customer-centric approach boosts sales, it also supports and enhances brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

With these transformational Sales through Service solutions

The Sales through Service curriculum provides skills and development training for all service roles where teams are expected to sell to customers as well as provide brilliant service. From the fundamentals of sales and service to the management and leadership of sales and service teams, all the programmes are tailored to your context, industry and objectives. Recent projects have been delivered in the retail, hospitality, ICT, utilities and financial sectors and across face-to-face, service centre and digital channels.

The curriculum draws upon our core sales methodology, research into sales and service effectiveness, and Customer Conversation Model™. To ensure training leads to sustainable change and performance improvement, our solutions are delivered using a blend of workshops, online learning, and coaching activities within our award-winning Capability Building® System.

The Sales through Service Curriculum

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